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We run our free cyber security workshops to help UK organisations keep pace with the rapid changes in cyber security and the latest security tools available from Microsoft. These educational workshops follow a standard format, however we tailor each session to be unique to your organisation, allowing us to share our experience and knowledge of security best practices in relation to your specific requirements.

The workshop is for IT Directors/Managers, CIOs, Information Security Managers and Technical Managers for UK organisations.

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"I learnt more in this one afternoon than I did during a paid three-day onsite training course last year"

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Typical workshop format


To kick off the workshop, we discuss your goals, challenges and concerns around IT security. We listen and learn about your organisational priorities, allowing us to tailor the workshop's content to ensure you get the most value out of the session.

Best practices

We give an overview of best practices and discuss the new cyber security model. We'll share our first-hand experiences, outline options which align with your requirements and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each approach.


We discuss the latest cyber security technologies and review their features, functionality and future roadmaps. We'll advise on how to best leverage these technologies within your budget and discuss how they align with your existing technology stack.


With an understanding of your challenges and goals, we'll provide recommendations on your next steps, providing potential options which would enable you to improve your cyber security posture.


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Cloud Workshop

Join us to discuss the possibilities of Azure and understand how your organisation could take better advantage of cloud services - whether adopting a cloud-first strategy or a hybrid approach. 

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Dynamics 365 Workshop

Discover what is possible with Dynamics 365 - whether you're considering migrating or looking to improve your adoption, we can discuss your challenges and possible solutions with the Power Platform and Dynamics 365.

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