Security Operations Centre

Our managed security services give you direct access to our dedicated Security Operations Centre (SOC) and team of Microsoft security experts on a scale that would be
impossible to maintain in-house.

We use Microsoft’s cutting-edge threat protection suite to monitor your network and detect any threats, investigate alerts and then provide you with actionable reports and guidance
that you gain genuine value from.

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a woman and a man discussing something on a screen
a woman and a man discussing something on a screen

Why use managed security services?

There will be a shortage of 3.5 million security staff by 2021 and bringing qualified and experienced security professionals in-house isn't feasible for most organisations.

By partnering with a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), you can access a wealth of expertise and cutting-edge security technologies, enabling you to focus more on your wider IT strategy and worry less about day-to-day IT security challenges.

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Our managed security services

Threat detection and insights

Our security team review your network security alerts in order to provide you with reports and actionable insights.

Fundamental security advice

We provide security best practice guidance but can also provide ad-hoc paid security consultancy if required.

Two options of support hours

You can choose between standard hours or 24/7 support.

Quarterly reports

We're able to monitor trends in your data, which you can feed into your IT strategy and ongoing security optimisation processes.

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Which companies outsource security?

63% of small businesses

67% of medium-size businesses

56% of large businesses

(Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, 2019)

How it works

Microsoft’s threat protection suite provides advanced and crucial insights into your networks threats, weaknesses and overall security. While these products are available to all organisations, most do not have the knowledge, time or setup to understand the data - or do anything meaningful with it. This is where we help:

We monitor your network using these tools and apply our expertise, experience and resources to delve into the details so that we can translate security alerts and threats into meaningful insights and actions.


SOC processes

Security Operations Centre

Work with a team of qualified Microsoft security specialists with the latest training and best technology in place; giving you access to a specialised SecOps team without having to maintain this in-house.

More than just security alerts

Unlike other MSSP’s we don’t simply pass on alerts; we provide meaningful reports and advice on any suspicious activity. We can even work with you to agree and set up automated response actions.

Microsoft security specialists

We solely specialise in Microsoft technologies, having been Microsoft partners since 2004. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of Microsoft updates and news - which we pass on to our clients.

What our reports show

Whereas other managed security services simply pick up any alerts
and pass these on, we will actively investigate these and
translate them into jargon-free reports, which can include:

  • Threat summary and origin
  • Reasons for the threat
  • How it spread
  • Timeline of events
  • Guidance and advice


We can also work with you to agree and set up pre-configured automated actions based on incoming threats.

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