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The amount of data being created and stored is growing exponentially and as people begin to work in new ways, protecting this data is becoming more complex for organisations. With a rise in shadow IT, dark data and a disappearing corporate perimeter, organisations need to know that their sensitive data is protected wherever it travels whilst also adhering to increasing and ever-changing data and privacy regulatory requirements.

We help our clients to take advantage of leading Microsoft technologies to protect and govern their data and meet growing compliance regulations. By advising, implementing, and supporting best use of these technologies, we help our clients transform compliance from a check-box exercise into an innovative approach, underpinned by evolving technologies that keep pace with modern working.

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88% of organisations no longer have confidence to detect and prevent loss of sensitive data

Source: Forrester. Security Concerns, Approaches and Technology Adoption. December 2018 ​

Benefits of our compliance services

Effective information lifecycle management

Benefit from clear retention, deletion and records management to control information sprawl and simplify regulation compliance.

Protect your sensitive information

Gain visibility, control, and protection over your sensitive data to secure data wherever it travels and reduce your security and compliance risk.

Strengthen compliance with data regulations

Adhere to rapidly changing data and privacy regulations (such as GDPR) and reduce the worry of financial and reputational risks from failing to meet compliance obligations.

Reduce growing insider risks

Reduce your vulnerability to insider threats by effectively protecting and managing visibility into sensitive data to reduce insider risks, such as human error, weak processes, or even malicious intent.

Gain peace of mind and customer confidence

Feel assured that your confidential or sensitive information is properly classified, protected, and managed to give your customers peace of mind that protecting their data is a top priority.

Woman laughing at kitchen table by laptop
Woman laughing at kitchen table by laptop

Our Compliance services

Find out more about how we can help your organisation reduce data risk and adopt an innovative approach to data compliance.

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How we can help


We begin by understanding your current challenges and data landscape to identify how much sensitive data exists and exactly where it resides. By gathering a clear data inventory, we can assess your overall exposure and potential risks.


Once we understand your data risks, we define a roadmap for implementation of the optimal classifications, policies, and controls. The aim is to mitigate data risks to an acceptable level while minimising the impact on end-user productivity and user experience.


We monitor compliance policies and measures for continuous improvement to ensure that the applied methods meet requirements and still enable a strong end user experience - refining and updating any policies as required.


Microsoft 365 compliance solutions

Info Protection & Governance

Classify, protect, and govern sensitive data wherever it resides with features such as Data Loss Prevention, Sensitivity Labels, Retention Policies and Records Management.

Insider Risk Management

Automatically identify and mitigate insider threats to reduce risk with features such as Insider Risk Management, Communication Compliance and Customer Lockbox.

Advanced eDiscovery & Audit

Quickly investigate queries and respond to data and subject access requests (SARs) with Advanced eDiscovery, Content Search, Data Investigations and Audits.

Man typing on laptop in a cafe
Man typing on laptop in a cafe

Advanced compliance solutions with Microsoft 365

Microsoft's compliance solutions gives your organisations the tools to identify compliance risks and classify, protect, and govern sensitive data in order to comply with ever-changing data and privacy regulations.

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