The new upgrade approach

Microsoft have changed how Dynamics 365 will be updated, which has a big impact on customers. Previously Dynamics 365 customers could delay and schedule updates but now Microsoft are enforcing a continuous delivery schedule so all customers must update to the latest version when it is released. While this poses some initial challenges for companies, overall, it is a positive new mindset and approach to be adopting.

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How we can help

We know that the new, automated update process can be daunting for companies, so we provide Dynamics Update Packages to help you smoothly manage the process. We begin with an upgrade health check and then provide two options so you choose the level that suits you depending on your in-house skillset and requirements.

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Health Check

We begin with a 2-day CRM upgrade health check in order to understand your technical setup and compare it against the next planned Dynamics 365 upgrade (such as deprecated functionality, systems changes and customisation impacts). This then allows us to be able to accurately provide costs and timescales for the update - and it could be that you simply use this report to carry out the work yourselves.

View our packaged offering on Microsoft AppSource.

Update Options

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Introducing the new Unified Interface

The new Unified Interface for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is already available but turned off by default. While you do not have to enable it yet, it is worth considering switching to the new user interface before it becomes mandatory or you miss out on its benefits

This new interface is now the 'norm' for Microsoft so new features or updates may not be available via the old interface. With some big visual changes, time will need to be set aside to test for any impacts on your system and the help train staff so they adopt the new style. 

Honest and agile approach

We believe in an honest and down to earth approach and will work with you to meet your goals. We believe in avoiding over-complicating CRM and focus on delivering true value.

Proactive not reactive

We stay ahead of Microsoft’s updates so you don’t have to. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the latest innovations and updates - and then pass our knowledge onto our clients to benefit from.

Microsoft specialists

We solely specialise in Microsoft technologies, having been Microsoft partners since 2004. As Microsoft specialists, we can also help with Azure, Microsoft 365 and SharePoint for a holistic approach.

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