Custom software development for Microsoft solutions

We specialise in developing complex or bespoke software and building system integrations for our clients with a strong focus on .NET, Dynamics 365 and SharePoint. With custom software development anything is possible, so we work closely with you to listen to what you need and help advise on the best technologies and approach – using out-of-the-box functionality where possible.

We know that projects and priorities change, which is why we follow a Scrum software methodology. This means that clients remain closely involved, see regular demos and releases with business value and the projects remains flexible.

How we can help


Portals help organisations streamline access to data and enables self-service for customers to provide a great digital experience. We specialise in creating integrated portals with great user experience design that sync with internal systems to help automate activities, reduce overall costs and delight customers.


We believe in using best of breed technologies that are fit for purpose - giving you the right tool for the right job without reinventing the wheel. While this gives you the best solutions, this can mean disparate systems, which is why we help our clients integrate and connect their technologies and give them the benefits of a unified system.

Web Development

We go beyond traditional websites and help those that need complex or bespoke functionality or system integration. We specialise in designing and building complex websites, apps or web components that can be embedded on existing sites. From quote builders to booking systems, member areas to CRM integration – we deliver rich and interactive user experiences that brings real business value.

Partners & Accreditations

Our development methodology

We follow an agile delivery, using the Scrum framework to ensure that we deliver the best results that meet your requirements and budget while keeping you involved throughout the entire project. We know that projects will always change; whether internal processes are updated, key stakeholders change their minds over what is required, or additional functionality is discovered that will bring great value. By being agile, we can easily add new features and change priorities while the project is ongoing while also delivering results with business value early and often.

Chorus scrum process

Developed with quality built in

While software development often focuses on simply getting the end result, it is the ongoing maintenance and support that is vital to project success. In fact, most of the lifecycle cost and effort in software applications is in maintenance and not initial build, which is why we keep quality in mind through every stage of the process.

A key part of this approach is that we practise a DevOps culture. This means that we don’t distinguish between software development, hardware development and hosting concerns. Everything is coded together and the people who build it are responsible for everything right through to production. This means that the developers think about adding alerting and health monitoring to systems as they are built. Our culture is one of: “If you build it, you need to fix it if something goes wrong”. This is one of the way we empower our teams to have control over how they build things and take responsibility for the outcome – a key part of an agile culture.