SharePoint Online and Office 365 allows law firms to manage vast amounts of documentation securely, while also increasing productivity, collaboration and enabling flexible working from anywhere at any time. 

A versatile and secure document management system is a major requirement for any law firm, given the sheer amount of documentation that legal cases can generate. It is important that information is easy to store, find and retrieve while data security and secure sharing is also critical considering the highly sensitive and confidential nature of much legal documentation. 

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Internal file organisation

SharePoint allows you to easily store and retrieve internal and case-related documentation.

  • Store documents quickly using tags and metadata to aid search and retrieval
  • Filtering allows you to easily find documents based on various criteria such as document type, custom tags or properties, author or date.
  • Site templates for each legal case - use templated sites to collaborate, store case documents and schedule tasks   

Data Security + Secure Sharing

Highly sensitive and confidential legal information needs to be protected from both external and internal threats. SharePoint enables you to:

  • Easily set access permissions per legal case - protecting specific documents from the wrong users  
  • Manage internal and external sharing - allowing you to determine who can open a shared document
  • Microsoft's cloud services, including Office 365, are compliant with some of the most complex global data protection regulations, including GDPR

Policy + Compliance

SharePoint enables you to manage policy and compliance with a range of tools:

  • Define policies and information management labels to control retention and expiration, to ensure documents are retained for specific periods or deleted when no longer required
  • Data loss prevention policies to help prevent inadvertent disclosure of sensitive or confidential information
  • Comprehensive e-discovery + hold functionality to aid with investigations. Using search, eDiscovery searches and finds information based on your specified criteria. You can decide to hold or export the information  
  • Comprehensive audit and reporting capabilities 


Legal professionals need to be able to quickly access, edit, review and amend documents, contracts and data. SharePoint is built to facilitate collaboration and productivity:

  • Co-authoring allows multiple people to work on a document simultaneously
  • Automatic version control and history means previous iterations of documents are always available and accessible
  • Integration with Office 365 productivity apps
  • Automate business processes such as approval processes using tools such as Microsoft Flow and Power Apps
  • Integration with various electronic signature tools

Anytime access, anywhere

Lawyers are frequently required to work on the go. Whether you're on the train or at a client site, you can access your documents with SharePoint and Office 365. 

  • SharePoint Online uses the Microsoft cloud, enabling you to access and edit your documents wherever you are - whenever you need them
  • No access to your desktop? You can edit Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents in your browser using Office Online
  • Work on mobile using SharePoint and OneDrive apps 

Discover what’s new in SharePoint

SharePoint keeps getting lots of new features to help organisations improve how they manage their documents and work together. From mobile and UI improvements, to brand new Communication sites, let us show you some of the new features and capabilities in SharePoint with a no-obligation demo.

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