Whether you want to take advantage of new features and benefits in the latest SharePoint version, or the version you’re using is reaching end of support, we can help with your SharePoint migration. Our migration tool of choice is Sharegate, which allows more complex migration scenarios to allow users to continue working as normal and minimise downtime.

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It’s trusted and well supported

Sharegate is a well-known and trusted migration tool, used by many organisations. It has a solid roadmap, it's well supported and it has a large community backing the product.

It allows sophisticated migrations

Sharegate provides advanced mapping capabilities, for example translating folder structures into metadata, and great migration planning tools. These help to reduce the amount of time and complexity required in a migration project to make the overall transition much quicker, smoother and less resource-heavy.

It has great reporting capabilities

Sharegate comes with many built-in reports, as well as allowing custom reports to give you insights into your SharePoint environment. Using the Sharegate migration report, you get detailed history of your move so you can see everything that was migrated, identify any errors and fix them before they start causing problems.

Discover what’s new in SharePoint

SharePoint keeps getting lots of new features to help organisations improve how they manage their documents and work together. From mobile and UI improvements, to brand new Communication sites, let us show you some of the new features and capabilities in SharePoint with a no-obligation demo.

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