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Microsoft’s Power Platform is designed to empower everyday users to get more from their data – allowing low-code or no-code approaches to app creation, automation, and analytics. By embracing the Power Platform, you can reduce pressure on busy IT teams, reduce development costs, save valuable staff time, and increase organisational agility.

As a Power Platform partner, we help organisations to embrace the Power Platform to unlock the potential of their data. With experts across Azure, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365, we help organisations integrate, create, automate, and analyse data sources to modernise business applications and processes and streamline operations.

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Save time and costs with PowerApps

By using PowerApps, organisations can expect to see a 74% reduction in application development costs.

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What is the Power Platform?

Microsoft Power Apps

Power Apps

Rapidly develop low-code apps that integrate with Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and third-party systems, to solve business challenges.

Microsoft Power Automate

Power Automate

Streamline business processes by automating repetitive or manual tasks to help save your team valuable time and increase operational efficiency.

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Power BI

Gain accurate insights through intuitive business intelligence tools, dashboards and powerful analytics to enable informed, evidence-based decision making.

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Streamline workflows and automate manual tasks

Organisations using Power Automate saw a 27.4% reduction in errors from increased automation.

Forrester TEI Report 2020

Why use the Power Platform?

Empower your staff

Give your staff access to secure tools that allow them to turn their ideas into a reality without adding pressure to stretched IT teams and budgets.

Save time and money

Reduce application development costs and speed up project delivery with PowerApps and save valuable staff time by automating tasks and processes with Power Automate.

Break down data silos

Easily connect and unify data sources across Microsoft and third-party solutions with the Common Data Service to remove data silos, integrate applications and improve operational efficiency.

Increase your agility

Foster a culture of innovation by giving everyone the ability to create and test solutions that can help achieve company goals - whilst ensuring you have the correct governance measures in place.

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Looking for a Power Platform partner?

We provide services across the Power Platform lifecycle and focus on empowering organisations with the knowledge, governance, and support to gain long-term value from their technology.

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How we can help


Our training and hackathons help your staff to gain the confidence and curiosity with the Power Platform to create an internal community of Power champions.


We help advise the best strategy and solution architecture to use the Power Platform as part of your wider application and data strategy.


We can build solutions and integrations with the Power Platform or extend these with custom development to fulfil more complex requirements.


We advise and implement the appropriate governance and administrative controls to balance staff innovation with visibility, security, and control.

Managed Services

We provide ongoing managed services and flexible support to provide request fulfilment, change management and ensure smooth ongoing operations.


We regularly share resources and organise online and in-person events to help organisations maximise the value from their Microsoft technologies.

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