We use industry leading Cisco Meraki software for all wireless solutions because we believe that they provide the best systems on the market. As Cisco Meraki Partners we can advise your business on the best wireless solutions to ensure maximum connectivity with very simple management, bringing you a wealth of benefits you wish you had used sooner.

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Wireless solutions

As cloud computing and mobile working has grown, businesses are now heavily reliant on connectivity. Whether to empower your users or to bring benefits to your customers, we can build robust and resilient wireless networks that are highly effective while easy to manage and maintain.

Why Cisco Meraki?

Intuitive and Visual

The cloud-based control dashboard is extremely intuitive to use and presents your network data in an appropriate and easy-to-digest visual way, such as heat maps and usage charts:

Mobile access

Gain access to your dashboard through the cloud-based controller for complete visibility. Or if you would like us to manage your networks we can providing ongoing support services.

Complete control

Cisco Meraki allows full control over users, applications and devices so that you can carefully control how Wi-Fi is being used and limit access based on device, app or user.

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“Chorus are modern, enthusiastic, responsive, progressive and friendly. They’re at the leading edge of technology and passionate about using it to support businesses, particularly in growth. We enjoy working with them: there’s no hidden agenda.”


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