De-risking Microsoft Azure

Cloud services have become an integral driver of success for many organisations. Microsoft's Cloud - Azure - is providing businesses of all sizes with the freedom, agility and scalability needed to grow. While companies are keen to start taking advantage of these benefits, we understand that it can be daunting embarking on a large-scale cloud project due to the large cost commitment and the uncertainty of the outcome.

This is where a Proof of Concept (POC) can offer significant value to organisations; our 5-Day POC allows you to evaluate Azure with a small-scale partial implementation or focus on a particular area you want to evaluate. We will work closely with you to build a POC, which can be used as a project business case, to gain company buy-in or to minimise project risk, time and cost; allowing you to make informed decisions before committing to a full project.

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Why choose a POC?

De-risk your cloud investment. Experience the benefits of Azure with your systems and data. Buy with confidence.  

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Discovery Call

Initially, we’ll discuss your areas of interest with regard to Azure and any identify any concerns that your business may have. Our main goal from our discovery session will be to gain a clear understanding of your overall aims with Azure and the areas that you are most interested in exploring or have the most concerns around.


We will advise you on potential solutions and approaches; if there a multiple approaches that could be considered then we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each of you, so that we determine the best approach together.

Define Scope of Work

As a POC focuses on a small subset of your systems or a tightly defined project scope, we will create a Scope of Work together to outline objectives and clear deliverables. We want to ensure that the final POC provides the insights you require to determine your next steps, so a clear scope allows us to define the exact aim of the POC.


Typically, we will propose that a subset of the company servers are used for the POC, moving these to the cloud in order for testing to take place. This will be done under the same conditions that you'd use when implementing a full-scale project. By completing the work on just a small area, you can quickly see how it would work—without the costs associated with a full project.


After the five days, we will demonstrate the key functionality of what we have built and tested; we'll ensure that you're ready to explore the architecture and cloud environments that have been established. We will give you access to the deployed POC to give you a chance to review and use a real working setup with your data and information.

Move Forward

After you have had time to evaluate the POC, discuss internally and determine your next steps, we will speak to you to establish how you wish to move forward. If the POC does not show you the results you were after, then we can work together to refine the scope; if the POC showed that this was not the right solution for your organisation, then you have the peace of mind that this was easily determined without committing to a large-scale project. If the results do meet your objectives, then we can work with you to complete the full project using the findings from the POC to shape the project kick-off.

Examples of Azure POCs

We can help with any areas of Microsoft Azure that you are interested in and would define this during the initial discovery stage. Some examples of Proof of Concepts that we have carried
out include:

Infrastructure Migration

Azure Backups

Disaster Recovery (Azure Site Recovery)

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