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SharePoint Governance

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Once you have invested in a SharePoint system it is important to ensure it is used properly, so both users and administrators continue to benefit.  A SharePoint governance strategy will outline the objectives, administration, maintenance and support of the system to inform distinct lines of ownership and the correct use of the environment. Governance provides users with an effective system and provides your business with a future-proof solution which ultimately is the best return on investment.

SharePoint Intranet Governance
SharePoint Corporate Governance

SharePoint governance ensures:

  • Intranet objectives and strategy are clearly outlined
  • Your system and its usage is monitored
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Lines of ownership are addressed
  • Users are clear on how to use the system
  • Correct procedures are being followed
  • Correct access permission are assigned
  • Storage is monitored

Why does governance matter?

22 %

Only 22% of organisations give their users any guidance on how to use SharePoint

Business Benefits

  • Vastly improve user adoption
  • Maintain the strategy and objectives of the intranet
  • Changes are carefully controlled and managed
  • Users follow correct business practices consistently
  • Makes management and administration much simpler
  • Secure information using correct permissions

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