Creative Branded SharePoint

Creative SharePoint

Applying your brand across your intranet or extranet

Engage your staff

Your intranet and extranet are dynamic, interactive reflections of your brand, used and continually re-visited by staff and external audiences getting the most from your organisation.


Not only must they perform beautifully, they must also be visually attractive, intuitive and user-friendly. They must reinforce your brand and its values internally and externally, ensuring everyone, including field-based staff, suppliers and customers, feel part of the same story. Ensuring this will help differentiate you from your competition and will greatly improve user adoption and buy-in.

The average mid-sized company could gain £3.8 million per year in employment productivity by improving its intranet design Jakob Nielsen

Responsive Design

 As working on the go and remote working becomes more popular, you need your intranet to look good on mobile devices. SharePoint 2016 has brought on great new mobile enhancements, but can we also make sure your SharePoint branding  is mobile-friendly so that it looks great and is just as easy to use on smartphones and tablets. 


Branded SharePoint Intranet

Business Benefits

  • Increase user adoption
  • Encourage user engagement and enjoyment
  • Build positive team culture and confidence
  • Create internal brand advocates
  • Responsive design for mobile access
  • Design consistency improves navigation and familiarity
  • Better user experience
  • Increase productivity through an easy-to-use interface
  • Increase your bottom line through employee productivity
Intranet Branding Design

See some examples

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