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Helping to advise your business to get the best return on investment from your system

The importance of strategy

With the vast amount of information you can share through your SharePoint intranet or extranet knowing what to put where, which elements of systems should be linked with others and what information to push and pull between them is both an art and science.

How we can help

Not only can we help consult on your content, we can also advise on how much you can capitalise on free versions of software, and the extent to which you need different upgrades and add-ons, so you get the best return on investment.

SharePoint Consultancy Support

How we can help

  • Research

    We start by fully understanding your business, your business goals, your objectives for SharePoint and any existing pain points. We do this through workshops, interviews or whatever works best for you.

  • Analyse

    Once we understand the goals we analyse what you have in place (if working with an existing implementation). We focus on business workflows, content, tags, information architecture and any integrations, focusing on improving efficiency and usability.

  • Report

    Once finished we produce a detailed report and can also meet face-to-face if you wish. This report provides recommendations to help improve the efficiency of your system (such as automation where possible) and also outlines a proposal and costs. You can use this to proceed with us or to compare alternatives.

  • Development

    We work our magic to develop and optimise your SharePoint system using custom development as well as integrating it with existing solutions to increase efficiency and productivity. 

  • Design

    Our creative team can also brand your intranet, giving it flawless design that aligns with your corporate branding and image, which not only increases usability it also encourages user adoption and buy-in. 

  • Support

    Finally, we can also offer ongoing support so that once your SharePoint system is at its best we can ensure it stays this way. This can also include offering training to user groups, or training an internal super user so best practices can to be followed. Find out more about our SharePoint support.

Intranet Consultancy

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