Charity CRM on Microsoft Dynamics 365

Rhythm enables your organisation to use a platform specifically tailored to Not for Profit needs whilst taking advantage of the benefits that come with an enterprise level platform; Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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How Rhythm began

Having worked closely with Not for Profits for many years we know that having a good CRM system is vital. It allows you to manage everything behind the scenes and make the most of your valuable data while you focus on achieving your mission.

We believe that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the best xRM solution on the market; it’s scalable, flexible and has a fantastic roadmap and investment, however it is very much aimed at commercial businesses. We decided to combine our Dynamics 365 expertise with our NFP experience to build Rhythm – giving charities and memberships what they need in Dynamics 365 without requiring extensive customisation and investment.

What's included

Membership Management

Understand your members and help nurture long-term relationships with full membership management and history to gain a holistic view of your supporters. Features include recurring donations, automatic renewals and reminders, tracking membership sign-ups to source campaigns and activities as well as flexible payment management.

Automated Direct Debit Processing

Our unique Direct Debit module automatically creates and updates Direct Debit mandates and payments in Rhythm. It also automatically reports status changes and cancellations received from the banks so no need for any more file uploads!

Marketing & Communication Management

Group campaigns and communications for full marketing and appeal reporting. Discover which communication activities are the most effective and find out who is most receptive to your appeals with enhanced data segmentation. Use reporting to analyse budget spent, funding generated and exploit this data so future activities continually improve.

Integrated portals

Rhythm comes with an integrated website portal, which can be easily integrated with any website CMS. This self-service portal provides a membership area, profile area and the ability to people to view and update their communication preferences. All information within Rhythm is surfaced to your portal and any changes people make to their details are automatically updated in Rhythm.

Fundraising & Donation Management

Gain complete visibility over your fundraising and donations with dashboards and reports for quick insights. Easily drill-down to see Giving history showing average, largest and recent donations as well as Total to Date for each contact or organisation. Streamline your fundraising management with guidance through the seven stages of solicitation.

Gift Aid Declarations

Quickly identify untapped Gift Aid, or fully automate the process with our Gift Aid Plus module that submits your R68 report to HMRC to save valuable time and resources.

Advanced Marketing Automation

Benefit from integrated third-party marketing automation software (ClickDimensions) so all marketing interactions are recorded against individuals. ClickDimensions features include: email marketing, subscription management, campaign automation, surveys, web forms, web analytics, social media insights, event management and nurture campaigns.

... Plus all the Dynamics 365 features

As well as taking advantage of all these features, you gain all the benefits from Dynamics 365, such as Microsoft Office, Outlook and SharePoint integration, an intuitive and familiar user experience to help increase user adoption, powerful reporting and much more.

Self-service portals

Self-service is a powerful benefit that gives your members control over their data and relationship with you. Our self-service portal works with Rhythm and can integrate with any website CMS, allowing your members or supporters to manage their membership, update their communication preferences and view and edit their profile.

Providing this self-service on your website gives your members the tools they need to quickly and easily control and manage their data – building member trust and helping with GDPR compliance. 

Download our self-service membership portals guide now.

Why Rhythm?

Move away from inflexible and stagnant platforms: As Rhythm is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, you benefit from new features in Rhythm as well as all the investment Microsoft puts into Dynamics 365 with a clear product roadmap.

Enjoy simple integration: Rhythm easily integrates with the Office suite, Outlook and all Microsoft services, as well as many other third-party solutions. We can help to integrate Rhythm with your website, accounting software or any other solutions.

Make it your own: While the modules are built to fulfil standard needs, Rhythm can be further tailored and customised to meet any unique requirements. With .NET development, we can customise Rhythm to fit exactly how you work.

Secure and compliant platform: Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the top CRM platforms on the market and benefits from heavy security and compliance investment. Using Rhythm can help your GDPR compliance with features including role-based and record-based security, our communication preference portal and much more.

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