Quick Document Info in Office 365

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Microsoft have added a new feature to Office 365 which allows you to quickly view and make edits to your document information. 

How the new feature works

Watch the video below to see how the new feature works. 

When working on a Word, PowerPoint or Excel file which is saved to the cloud (e.g. SharePoint or OneDrive), you can click on the document title at the top of the screen in the coloured bar. This will open a box containing a number of different options:

  1. In the 'Name' field, you can edit the document title
  2. Under 'Location' you can click on the file pathway and it will allow you to either:
    • Open the file's location
    • Share the file or get a shareable link
  3. Version History opens up the document's version history within the app

This new feature speeds up your workflow, bringing some important functionality together in a single location which is easy and quick to access.

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