How to use 'Recently Viewed Items' in Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 on a laptop screen

Discover how to find your recently viewed records and views in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the 'Recently Viewed Items' function.

Using 'Recently Viewed' in Dynamics 365

Watch the video below to find out how to use 'Recently Viewed'.

With 'Recently Viewed', you can quickly return to items that you've previously opened such as leads, contacts and views.

  1. Simply click on the clock icon in the menu bar in Dynamics 365 (top right of the screen) to open your recently viewed items
  2. This will open up a list of your 'Recent Records' and 'Recent Views'
  3. Click on any of these to reopen them
  4. 'Pin' any records or views that you use regularly and want to have quick access to

Benefits of Recently Viewed

The benefit of using the Recently Viewed function is that you can quickly navigate back to the things you were previously working on in Dynamics 365 very quickly; with just a couple of clicks you can find the records and views that are most important to you without having to spent time searching for them.

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