Yammer - free to Office 365 Enterprise users

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Microsoft has started executing against its announcement that Yammer will be rolled out with all Enterprise licences of Office 365, incorporating maturing communication and collaboration tools with the most up to date versions of its beloved productivity suite.

It’s fair to say that social media has transformed the way a lot of people communicate throughout their personal lives, and there are certainly evangelisers that feel it will have a similar effect on communications in the workplace. Which is why Microsoft’s approach to integrate Yammer into its other productivity tools, such as SharePoint and Office 365 makes such good sense and why it can help you.

Keeping a dual focus on what employees need to be productive (e.g. not yet another inbox to check but a unified approach to communication) and providing the platform that IT needs to keep all of this intellectual property safe means users and IT departments alike can embrace this change.

So what does this mean to you?

Well, throughout November Yammer will be being made available to all Office 365 Enterprise plans including all existing customers. Once Yammer is enabled for your company all you need to do is simply enter your email address to sign up for the service.

So if you’re: 

  1. Thinking of using social communications to help staff collaborate..
  2. Already using social communications but want an enterprise grade solution that integrates with other programs..

..then moving to a hybrid cloud or cloud only solution using Office 365 and utilising Yammer may well help you execute your plans efficiently.

Microsoft also announced that Office 365 Enterprise customers no longer need to purchase licences for external users, meaning that users are able to collaborate with partners and external contacts on work they’re doing together, this is an extension to the fantastic online workspaces feature already present in SharePoint.

How can it help you?

The Yammer website has case studies of use. A key theme is connectivity which application across many businesses and industries. Posting resolutions to customer issues in the office or on the technical side of a company can suddenly become a useful resource for sales and marketing or technical field staff faced with a new problem, pooling information effortlessly to solve quickly and efficiently.

And of course one of the key advantages of Yammer Enterprise versus Yammer basic is that you are able to brand Yammer Enterprise sites in line with your own corporate styling, this aids by significantly improving staff buy in.

All in all another compelling reason to switch to Office 365! So if you want help in branding and implementing your new Yammer Enterprise account, speak to us today.

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