Windows 10 Shortcuts

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With the recent release of Windows 10, excitement around the handy shortcuts that make our lives easier has been a common talking point in Chorus HQ. We have sourced what we think are the top ten key (pun intended) shortcuts into a handy list for you; or the full list can be downloaded to print out here.

Some of the below may be old favourites, some may be new and unique – Happy shortcutting!

Note: WIN key is the Windows key.

WIN Key + ←↓→↑ Snapping – Snap active windows into side by side, two by two, or one by two layouts to aid you in multitasking.

WIN Key + Tab Opens the task view interface and you can release the keys to use the mouse to browse open windows or open a new virtual desktop.

WIN Key + Ctrl + D Create a new virtual desktop and switch to it

WIN Key + Ctrl + F4 Close the current virtual desktop

WIN Key+Ctrl+←↓→↑ Switch to the virtual desktop on the left or right

WIN Key + C Activates Cortana for using Cortana with a keyboard

WIN Key + S Activates Cortana to search the web and Windows with speech

WIN Key + H Activates Share to share content

WIN Key + E Activates Windows Explorer for file exploration

Alt + F4 Close your current window. In Edge, options for closing all open tabs

WIN Key + D Shows Windows desktop

WIN Key + R Run a Program

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