Why is Office 365 Ideal for Small Businesses?

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Microsoft Office 365 is an all-inclusive productivity solution that delivers familiar Office applications coupled with powerful enterprise-class communications and collaboration capabilities in a cloud-based subscription service you can easily use.

Stay updated

One of the key elements of Office 365 is that it is a subscription service and not a product that you buy and have to pay to upgrade in the future. This is a great opportunity to move your business’ IT spending from a largely CAPEX (lump sum) to OPEX (monthly) model, and with the change of pace in the IT industry, this shift allows your business to get current and stay current instead of playing catch up every few years.

Anywhere Access

As Office 365 is a cloud-based solution you have a range of benefits including the key cloud service improvement: anywhere access. All your documents, email and contacts can be retrieved wherever you are from any browser so you can access you work whenever you need to without having to be in the office. This includes Microsoft’s impressive Office online suite, so when you are away from your normal PC but still need to work on Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote documents, you can open the documents in a web browser and use many of the familiar office tools you see on your everyday machine.


Another advantage is the scalability of Office 365, as it can grow as your business grows and be adapted around you, instead of you having to adapt to fit your traditional IT.

Less downtime

Microsoft stands behind Office 365 with a 99.9% guaranteed uptime, meaning downtime is minimised and you get to keep working.

Full Office Suite

The latest and full professional Microsoft Office edition is included: this includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and OneNote, which is the world’s leading office software suite. The full product can be installed on up to 5 separate PC’s for each subscriber, enabling you to use the entire Office suite from all of your key locations.


SharePoint allows you to quickly and easily store all of your documents in one place as a company and allows everyone to have immediate access wherever they are. As these are the master documents, this allows intelligent editing to avoid confusion and error as well as a clear audit trail. It also has powerful search capabilities giving employees fast and easy access to anything they need but with all the controls you need to restrict documents that contain confidential material.


Essentially, OneDrive is your personal library where all of your individual documents are stored and organised, this can be accessed anywhere and shared with anyone, or kept private – giving you simple and organised access to your work whenever it is needed.

Skype for Business (formerly known as Lync)

Skype for Business is a fantastic communications tool companies can profit from as it allows quick and simple instant messaging, audio calls and video conferencing – all included with Office 365. When resources are strained Skype for Business can allow HD video calls to be made with colleagues or customers when you just don’t have the time or people to go out for meetings but still gives the face-to-face contact without having to pay for expensive conferencing software. Alternatively it allows for quick messaging to increase speed and efficiency between colleagues and shows presence (all linked with Outlook) so you can immediately see when your contacts are available, in meetings or away.


This allows constructive and social collaboration between colleagues and acts as a platform for your staff to help one another and share insights, strengthening them into engaged teams. Staff can collaborate on documents, projects and just generally interact in a rapid and intuitive way giving your business a competitive edge.


Finally, you can have the peace of mind knowing all this is backed by Microsoft giving you enterprise-class security and the reliability you would expect from such a renowned technology provider.

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