What’s new in Office 365: Office Mix

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Update June 2018: Office Mix was retired on 1 May 2018, instead the best of Office Mix is directly within PowerPoint, Stream and Forms. Find out more here.

Office Mix is a new app created by Microsoft that’s still in Preview mode but we already love it! Essentially Office Mix is an add-in for PowerPoint that allows you to create interactive online videos while also giving you the insights and analytics into those who watch it.

The best thing about it is the familiar Microsoft user experience, making it very simple to get started without any training (although there are plenty of videos to help you). You need Office 2013, or even better, Office 365 and then you will always get the latest versions and have access to new releases!

What can you do?

We recommend you try the preview yourself by going to: https://mix.office.com/. Once you have Office Mix it sits natively within PowerPoint under a new tab called ‘Mix’. You also get a selection of helpful pointers giving you tutorials and tips when you first use Office Mix within PowerPoint.

Here's what you can do:

Audio recording: Talk over your PowerPoint presentation and record it all, reducing the need to present in person and giving great sharing possibilities.

Screen capture: Using a selector tool you can highlight an area on your computer you wish to record. From YouTube videos to webpages to capturing your whole screen as you do a guided walkthrough – anything you want to be shown, can be recorded within your PowerPoint.


Writing/ drawing: Free-hand drawing and writing tool allows you to annotate your presentation – whether writing, circling or just highlighting sections.

Quizzes & Polls: Embed quizzes and polls within your presentation recording, which users can interact with and answer – and all the results are available for you to see.

Analytics: Creators can see all the analytics of their Office Mix once it’s been shared, such as who has watched it (by visitor), what pages are most popular (by slide) or how well they answered any questions (by results). This gives you complete visibility on the success of your Mix but could also be very useful when you want to know if someone has watched the video or not – such as compulsory training or school homework.

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Permissions & Sharing: There are different levels of security and sharing you can assign to each Mix presentation, which affects the audience and the analytics you can gather.


In industry

The biggest industry this will impact is Education who will have a huge number of possibilities – which is probably why there’s a whole section on the Office Mix website dedicated to education. From video tutorials to classroom quizzes there are some really exciting opportunities for schools and training but it doesn’t have to stop there; any business can benefit.

There are high-level uses applicable to any business, such as streamlining HR on-boarding through quizzed videos with full analytics to see who has watched them (i.e. Health & Safety videos). Even simply using Office Mix to send presentations and then using video conferencing to reduce travelling time and cost for staff – while still allowing collaborative presentations.

Every business could benefit from this software – it’s the type of thing you’ve wished you could do but had no idea how to. Now with Office Mix it’s easy and even better, it will be included for Office 365 users. The best way to discover what it can do for your business is to try it yourself by going to https://mix.office.com/ or otherwise contact us.

Extending Office

Microsoft have been putting a lot into Microsoft Office recently and especially into Office 365 (which includes Office, but also so much more). With Office Mix and Sway in preview mode and the new release of Delve and Video it’s a very exciting time to be using Microsoft products.

Since the appointment of Satya Nadella last year, Microsoft have been rapidly evolving their offerings and giving users all the technology they need to learn in today’s fast-paced era. By keeping up with the way we work, Microsoft have developed some exciting new products to aid collaboration, mobility and productivity and we can’t wait to keep telling you about it.

We’re experts in Microsoft technology and aim to give our clients the most cost effective and robust solutions to drive their business. Please contact us today for any further information.

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