What does being a Microsoft Gold Partner mean?

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Chorus is a Microsoft Gold Partner. We became a Microsoft Gold partner in 2007 and have managed to maintain this 7 years in a row.

Currently, we hold 3 Gold accreditations and 1 Silver, as well as being a Cloud Deployment partner. But… what does that actually mean?

It’s easy to throw around fancy titles and certificates but often, very few people actually know what they represent or what the achievement has even entailed. For some accreditations all it takes is a signup fee and then you’re in, while others require quite a bit more. Becoming a Microsoft Gold partner is one of the latter accreditations that involves more work than people are often aware of. The process can be long and it is definitely rigorous but one we feel is vital in order to give the level of service we do. We want to show you what’s actually involved and everything that goes on behind the scenes in order to allow us to use that little Microsoft Gold Partner logo…


Chorus Microsoft Gold Partner Competencies list


Areas of expertise

Perhaps one of the most important points to note is that there is no longer a generic Gold partner status, but instead there are now partners who have specific areas of expertise: these are listed under each partners’ logo. Therefore, when looking for a partner to work with it is not only important to check if they are simply a Microsoft partner, but exactly which competency they’re a partner for, as this is will tell you where their expertise is focused.

What we have to do

In order to attain a single Gold Partner status, we must have 6 individuals complete the Microsoft examinations. This involves 4 individuals taking multiple exams within the specific technical area and 2 individuals taking exams on licensing, sales & marketing. During this time, Microsoft also independently contact 5 customers for a full reference as well as asking for participation in their own customer satisfaction survey. These steps are required for each Gold accreditation and most importantly, you must have different individuals and different customer references for each area of expertise, i.e. 18 Microsoft certified individuals for 3 Gold Accolades, and 15 customer references!

What it means we can do for you

By becoming a Gold Partner in different areas, this allows us to receive access to the latest training, resources and dedicated Microsoft support. This means we stay up-to-date on the latest features, releases and early product information through the community, as well as having the relevant Microsoft support behind us to ensure that our clients get the most out of their technology. As well as having this external help, perhaps more importantly, it means our own staff members can have access to the latest training and Microsoft qualifications in order to provide knowledgeable and efficient support.

Being a Microsoft Gold partner is something we’re really proud of (and we feel like we’re allowed to be!) It’s something we think is important in order to deliver the latest and most effective Microsoft solutions while being able to back this up with the appropriate support. We look forward to working hard on continuing our Microsoft Gold partner status, and watch this space, we will definitely be adding more!

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