What are Lync users excited about?

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First, what is Lync?

Lync is a unified communications solution, which gives users a consistent experience for presence, IM, voice and video calls across PCs, Macs, phones, and browsers, allowing for fast and effective communication between anyone.

Why do users love Lync?

The best aspect of Lync is that it is part of the Office 365 offering (along with Sharepoint, Yammer, Exchange and the full Office suite) meaning businesses do not have to budget for additional and costly video-conferencing but also get the bonus of IM and audio calls worldwide included in the package. Also, with it being a Microsoft product, Lync has a very instinctive look and feel, making it easy to navigate so you can be up and running within minutes.

What are the other benefits?

  • One, easy to use client: IM, voice, video calls and Lync meetings. Lync is easy to use and reduces IT complexity and cost because it is part of a shared infrastructure and a single data store.
  • Instantly see who is available: Lync syncs with your Outlook calendar giving simple status indicators that show whether someone is available, busy, in a meeting, away, or offline.
  • Instant sharing and messaging between colleagues, customers and suppliers for quick and simple updates.
  • HD (1080p) video conferencing with up to 5 users and voice recognition to ensure the current talker is the focus of the screen
  • Audio calls with up to 250 users to allow for telephone conferencing on a large-scale with mute features to avoid speaking over one another
  • Lync can work with anyone and not just Lync or Office 365 users
  • Lync can help companies reduce the operating costs of travel and telecoms by organising face-to-face Lync meetings without having to pay for travel, international calls or expensive video conferencing software.
  • Simple sharing; you can share your desktop instantly or just individual programs, which can enable webinars, online training or collaboration.
  • Work securely with Lync from virtually anywhere and on any device
  • And finally, Lync users can now connect to millions of Skype users instantly and easily.

If you don’t have Lync but are interested, then please contact us.

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