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Before we undertake any website project whether it's a small brochure style website or large ecommerce solution, we run a website workshop with the key project stakeholders. The workshop is vital to a successful project ensuring that everyone, the client and us as a supplier, is coming from the same direction and working towards the same goal.

We need to understand what users will be coming to the site and what their objectives are, we need to understand what services or products we might be able to cross sell or up sell to those users, we need to know what search terms the site should be showing up on in the search engine results pages (SERPs) etc. From these facts we can then work openly with the client knowing we all fully understand the targets for the website design, build and the ongoing marketing of the site.

These workshop sessions are so key to what we do that I thought I would write a high-level overview of what we cover in a workshop... how this then translates into a workshop involves post-it notes, colouring pens and wireframe sheets and a lot of coffee and biscuits!!

These workshops are not only key to the success of a brand new website project but are also a great way to look at an existing website and workout what is or is not working, why that is and what could be changed to improve on the issues.

We also run workshops as an independent third party should a client wish for a third party to do the website design and build.

If you have any queries about our workshops and would be interested in holding one, either for an existing site critique or for a new website project please contact us.

Website Workshop Overview

User Profiles

Session to discuss and identify the key users, their objectives and goals from the website and the user journey including any cross-selling/up-selling opportunities.

Site Structure

Listing out the pages needed on the website and the structure levels (which pages can go into sub navigation).

Wire Frames

Listing out the key items required on the website from a business and marketing point of view, cross referenced with the user needs identified in the User Profiles session.

A hierarchy of importance will be created which will lead onto the creation of a rough homepage wireframe.

Agreement of website templates needed using site structure as a basis.

The wireframes produced will be the basis for the website design and development.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Listing out keywords and phrases for the website and assigning each keyword to a page on the website to ensure the site is fully optimised in terms of on-page optimisation for go live. Read more SEO here.


Discussion over the general design and marketing options and ideas for the site.


Following the workshop, the homepage wireframe will be refined and inner page wireframe templates created and sent to client as PDF documents for sign off.

Detailed proposal produced of website functionality, elements agreed in the workshop such as user profiles/journeys etc and breakdown of costs and proposed deadlines/milestones.

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