SMEs struggling to find the right IT staff

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In a new report titled “Responding to the IT Infrastructure Challenge”, nearly half all SMEs are struggling to recruit the right IT staff.

With IT now being such an integral factor to the success of businesses, staying ahead of the technology shift is vital. With the wide-spread adoption of cloud computing, businesses can now be connected anywhere and anytime, benefit from maximum flexibility and scalability and even see cost benefits while increasing efficiency.

Having a robust and powerful IT infrastructure in place is key to this: but how are businesses expected to maintain - and even improve – this when there is a shortage of staff? Nearly 80% of SMEs surveyed said that they were frustrated with their current IT setup and to overcome this, 65% said that outsourcing removed the headache.

Why is outsourcing growing?

For businesses that cannot find the right IT staff, outsourcing allows these SMEs to tap into a large pool of IT resources without having to be responsible for it, which may be why the IT outsourcing market grew by 5% last year.

The challenge for businesses doesn’t stop when they have found the right IT staff – they need to know that their staff will keep learning and exploring new technology trends and innovations. With smaller businesses this can be especially tough as there is a lack of time and resources to dedicate to training staff and also a lack of collaboration for staff who manage their business’ IT on their own.

By working with a managed service provider (MSP) it is the responsibility of the MSP to organise and ensure all staff have the relevant training, certifications and a learning development path to keep their knowledge as up to date and effective as possible. For example, at Chorus we do this by having a dedicated in-house trainer and by keeping a strong partnership with Microsoft through certifications and training. This means that we have the time and resources to not only learn about current technologies, but also look into future technologies and trends so we can advise as well as support.

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"The nationwide struggle for skilled talent is a major concern for businesses. With a large number of SMEs frustrated with technical limitations and the day-to-day administration of their infrastructure it’s hardly surprising that local outsourcing has become a preference so that organisations can continue to win more business, beat the competition and succeed."

Responding to the IT Infrastructure Challenge, Node4


Complementing in-house IT

One of the big concerns with IT outsourcing is that any in-house staff will have to leave but this isn’t the case. Working with a managed service provider gives you flexibility to choose what aspects of your IT are managed by an external provider and what is kept in-house – while some will choose to fully outsource all IT, others use it to complement their in-house IT. Using an MSP to work with in-house IT managers can truly benefit internal staff – as they can learn through collaboration and knowledge sharing. More importantly, with the day-to-day administration and ‘fixes’ being taken care of, their responsibilities can become more focused and aligned with their business’ core goals. Even better, it reduces pressure on IT staff – which is especially useful when looking at the latest figures that show 88% of UK IT staff find their job stressful.

Are you struggling to find IT staff?

If you are struggling to find or maintain the right IT staff, call or email us today without any obligation. We can discuss any current difficulties you have and help to suggest solutions to make running your business more efficient and enjoyable.

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