New Office 365 App Launcher

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At the end of September Microsoft announced an update coming to the Office 365 Launcher and it has now officially started rolling out to First Release customers and will soon be coming to all Office 365 customers.

The App Launcher allows you to quickly and easily navigate to your applications within Office 365 and the new update allows you to customise what you see in the App Launcher, as well as introducing custom tiles - let's have a look at it!

New Look

The Office 365 homepage has remained the same but the App Launcher itself now has a vertical drop down with three tabs: ‘Home’ ‘New’ and ‘All’ for sorting and filtering your apps. The idea behind this is to allow users to be able to quickly customise their app views so that they can show their frequently used apps in their Launcher.
The ‘New’ tab will allow users to easily see what new apps have been launched or released to them and the ‘All’ tab gives a quick and easy way to search through all your apps.

Office 365 Themes in the App Launcher


The new tiles in the App Launcher can all be resized, pinned and moved as you wish and there are future developments to allow users to access recently used documents by clicking on the tiles. For example, clicking the Word app ellipsis to see the last documents you had open in Word.


The new Office 365 App Launcher also works with your Office 365 Theme – either your own company theme or the out-of-the-box templates. If you haven’t changed your theme, you can do this by clicking the Setting cog in the top right and selecting ‘Theme’. It’s not for everyone but if you like customising the look then it’s worth having a look!


Office-365-Themes Office 365 Themes in the App Launcher (Microsoft)

Why the change?

Recent additions to Office 365 such as Delve and Video as well as the new Preview apps such as Stream, PowerApps and Flow have caused a sudden addition of new apps within the App Launcher. This new visual makes it possible to organise your apps and allows a more future-proof design to be able to keep up with the growing list of available apps.
We love this new look with a more UX focused design and the ability for individual customisation – a theme that seems to be running through lots of Microsoft’s recent solutions and updates. If you haven’t seen the new App Launcher yet then keep an eye out – it will be coming soon!

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