Microsoft Whitepapers Roundup

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Microsoft is extremely active at creating and updating a great number of useful whitepapers.

These whitepapers or eBooks can be extremely useful - but sometimes they can be hard to find unless you're searching for something specific.

We've decided to try and gather a number of useful whitepaper resources in one place: here. If you want to download any whitepaper just click the title:

Assess your Technology

Aimed at small businesses, this whitepaper looks at what SME's can do to assess their mobility, security and collaboration. It's also useful for connecting the dots and showing which Microsoft solutions are best to tackling which issues, while giving a quick overview of each one.

How can Office 365 help your business?

Aimed at SMB's in general, if you're thinking about Office 365 or are looking to review your IT strategy and infrastructure then this provides a high-level overview of the benefits of Office 365.

Security in Office 365

Probably one of the best whitepapers and most viewed is this one looking at how secure Office 365 is. With security concerns around cloud computing, this guide goes into great detail to show how Microsoft protects your data.

The Cloud as a Platform

Aimed at SMB's, this explains the benefits of cloud computing in a non-technical way, including benefits, statistics and case studies: this an ideal place to find out some more about cloud computing if its still a relatively new concept.

Microsoft Cloud-Based Business Services

This is a short, 3-page PDF that gives an overview on privacy, security and transparency in Office 365, CRM and Azure. It's a good fact sheet to get the basic facts around how your data is taken care of in the cloud, and if you really want to know about security then look at the Office 365 security fact sheet for lots more depth.

Microsoft Azure Network Security

This is aimed at IT and network administrators and developers looking to enhance network communications security.

Microsoft Power BI

This detailed 37-page whitepaper goes into great detail on Business Intelligence reporting and how you can apply it to your business - whether in Power Map, Power Pivot or Excel - every option is considered and great for an IT professional looking to introduce BI into their organisation.

Power BI for Customer Insights

Similar to the above whitepaper but with less detail and more visuals - ideal for non-IT professionals and anyone new to BI reporting.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft actually have a fantastic resources section for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which includes videos, eBooks and guides - a great starting point if you're looking for CRM resources. You can find it here