Microsoft to open 2 UK data centres in 2016

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This week, Microsoft CEO announced plans to open 2 new data centres in the UK in early 2016 – one in London and the other location to be confirmed. (Update March 2016: Microsoft have now announced they will be ready "by the end on 2016"). Microsoft currently have 2 Europe data centres in Dublin and Amsterdam, which have recently undergone expansion and these 2 new centres will bring the total number of worldwide data centres to 26.

Update: These UK data centres have now been launched, you can find out more about the new data centres and implications in our article "New UK Microsoft data centres: what does this mean for businesses' here.

This announcement has a number of positive implications for UK businesses and especially those that are legally required to keep their data within the UK. Only one month ago the Safe Harbour agreement between US and the EU was declared invalid, causing implications for those UK businesses that store data in USA.

For businesses that have been unable or hesitant to move to the cloud – such as those in the public sector, legal sector or healthcare – it removes the issue of data location and sovereignty that had previously been barriers.


Current locations of Microsoft data centres. Source: Microsoft

Moving to the cloud securely

Cloud computing is not going to disappear. It is going to go from strength to strength and give businesses access to benefits (such as scalability and flexibility) that they would be unable to draw upon without cloud technology.

Each business will move to the cloud at their own pace and can incorporate as many or as few cloud services into their IT strategy. One critical consideration is making sure that you choose the right cloud provider; one that is progressive, secure and fits your requirements. Microsoft is certainly progressive as they are one of the world’s largest research and development spenders and have a constant investment in improving their cloud services. Microsoft also have one of the most secure cloud platforms available with the highest accreditations and compliance standards. And finally, with the 2 new UK data centres if a key requirement is to keep data within the UK then this is now also possible.

Microsoft Azure Security, Privacy and Compliance

If you want to find out more about Microsoft’s security, privacy and compliance then we recommend you having a look at this whitepaper, which you can download here. Or if you would like to talk about your cloud strategy then contact us; we’ve helped many businesses move the cloud and adopt hybrid cloud strategies.

Azure Security whitepaper

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