Microsoft Dynamics Marketing: Mira Update

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Mira will officially be known as Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM) and is based on technology acquired when Microsoft purchased Marketing Pilot back in 2012.

The main features are streamlined campaign management, clear visibility on pipeline, simple analytical rpeorting to demonstrate impact and Return on Investment (ROI), and new details have finally been released.

Microsoft have been looking into the life of a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and the issues that they face: 1) as a CMO in general but also 2) as marketer whose role is currently being transformed due to the shift in marketing channels. Therefore the aim of Dynamics Marketing is to unify marketing message development and release, allow intelligent lead management (to pass onto Sales) and most importantly, clear visibility on ROI. This is being done through:

Campaign Designer: Simple drag and drop campaign management that’s intuitive and follows the simple Dynamics workflow process we have come to know. This allows marketers to have all the information for one campaign and its process in one place, to ensure the message being sent out is consistent and efficient. This will also save unnecessary time that’s wasted on simply trying to find information needed and/or checking for latest versions of marketing materials.

New Marketing Dashboards: A clear and visually engaging homepage that can be edited and re-organised by the marketing individuals to show what they want to see through automated (and real-time) reports MDM creates, so they can have their own personal views. E.g. showing budget performances for year-end, or digital engagement during an online campaign – and in any form you wish, such as pie charts or even more advanced using the next new feature...

Power BI: This is an incredible tool for creating reports and all reporting features use Power BI as its analytics engine. This allows users to have access to incredible visual analytics that clearly displays their data in a unique and digestible way to further help the marketer show ROI. More importantly, Dynamics CRM is one of the only systems that can integrate budgets into its analysis and once this is done Power BI can use budget data to show what is and isn’t working and more importanly, how much it's costing.

Email Marketing: MDM will allow users to send mass-scale email campaigns whenever they need and with the ability to personalise content to help marketers produce more engaged and targeted marketing, which is needed nowadays. With simple tracking and monitoring this will allow marketers to have a better view of success rates, lead scoring and produce hotter leads to pass onto Sales, with all the information required already available for the Sales person to be in the best position.

Lead Lifecycle management: MDM maintains simple importing and exporting of leads to Excel, but will feature more accurate lead scoring based on how recent the engagement and frequency with the lead has been, so leads given to Sales can be more accurately dealt with and automatically updated to ensure nothing slips through.

Overall, this is going to leave marketers in a fantastic position to easily create clear, defined and unified campaigns that are on trend, effectively monitored and automated and all with powerful accompanying visuals for the results. We will definitely be posting more information on Dynamics Marketing when available, but in the meantime please do contact us if you would like any more information.

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