Microsoft Dynamics CRM Tip: Unable to export reports

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As a Microsoft Dynamics CRM developer, I am nearly always working within Microsoft Dynamics CRM and can often come across new error messages. Luckily , the Microsoft Dynamics community is excellent at posting blogs on error messages, issues and solutions.

I came across a new error message the other day when working in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and trying to export a report, so I wanted to share the error and the solution which helped me to fix it.

This issue occurred in CRM 2011, roll-up 18 within Internet Explorer V11 when trying to go into any Advanced Find and trying to export to Microsoft Excel. This error message appeared:


To solve this, I uninstalled all IE updates. As I was running on Windows 7, this rolled IE back to v9 (see image below). Once this was complete I simply reinstalled Internet Explorer through Windows Update and then exporting reports was working as normal!


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