Microsoft 365 Business vs Microsoft 365 Enterprise

Note: Last updated April 2018.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 combines Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) providing selected offerings of each into three different packages; Business, E3 and E5. These combinations, give organisations access to a range of powerful productivity and security solutions and at a more cost effective price than purchasing these products separately.

While the two Microsoft 365 Enterprise plans have been on the market for a few months, the launch of Business edition means that smaller business can take advantage of the Microsoft 365 offering. Capped at 300 users, Microsoft 365 Business is priced at £15.10 per user per month, making it a cheaper alternative to E3 which is £26.40 per user per month - but it does come with less functionality and fewer applications. Please note however, that some of these applications can be purchased as add-ons if you aren't ready to jump from Business to E3, or from E3 to E5.

Microsoft 365 Business is Office 365 Business Premium combined with select features of EMS and Windows 10. These select features have been fairly hazy but with the release more information is known and included in our comparison table below but a few features of Business edition are still a little vague (such as Windows 10 Business).

Microsoft 365 Business vs Enterprise

microsoft 365 editions comparison table

Why Microsoft 365?

Many organisations are now using and enjoying the benefits of Office 365, which is packed with various applications to help staff work and with new apps being added regularly (such as Teams and Planner). With Microsoft 365 - you get all your Office 365 features and functionality but then also enjoy Windows 10 and EM+S features in a more cost effective package; providing complementary security tools to Office 365 to improve organisational security, which is obviously a very hot topic.

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