It's finally here: Office arrives for iPad!

iPad with colourful pattern on it

Just last week on 27th March 2014, the recently appointed CEO of Microsoft (it was his 52nd day in the role) Satya Nadella, announced to the world that any iPad user could now download apps for Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

It has taken a while for Microsoft to develop these apps and there were questions over whether this release would be too late, however shortly after the international announcement the Office suite shot straight to the top positions in the App store. Word took first place with Excel in second and Powerpoint coming in third (as well as OneNote in fourth, which was already available for iPad users). Even though other, competing apps have been around for a lot longer, this has shown the strength and love many have for the classic Microsoft Office suite and has been reflected in the raving online reviews since its debut.

These apps can be downloaded free of charge for viewing and presenting documents, however if you have an Office 365 subscription you have full access to the suite (creating, editing – everything). This is just another added value being brought to the Office 365 subscription and keeping in-line with Microsoft’s new mission of being ‘mobile-first cloud-first’. As all Office 365 users have the benefit of being able to use Office 365 on up to 5 devices per user (let’s just say your computer, phone and tablet) and this ensures you can have access anywhere, at any time keeping users mobile and connected whenever they want.

Office 365 users of course also benefit from all the individual programs that are also included - Sharepoint, Lync (we have a separate article on why we love Lync here), Exchange, Yammer and the Office suite but to go into the advantages behind each item here would make this article far too long.


Microsoft is ensuring Office 365 fits to the current needs of individuals and businesses in a fast-paced and competitive world by constantly delivering new updates and improvements such as these iPad apps, to give customers a well-rounded Office 365, packed with exciting and dependable technology. Here at Chorus, we believe in ensuring our customers get the most out of technology and stand behind Microsoft’s mission: ‘to enable people and businesses to realise their full potential.

Your technology shouldn’t just support you, it should also be able to open up opportunities and set you out from the crowd. If you feel that your current system isn't then we urge you to try Office 365 for free for 30 days for up to 25 users, or contact us to arrange a demo.

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