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IT Security is vital for all organisations and will continue to grow as our way of working becomes more intrinsically linked to technology. To reduce the chances of successful attacks, organisations need to adopt a cyber security strategy, which is composed by technology, processes and people.

The missing piece - people

For many organisations, improving cybersecurity is done by identifying weaknesses, investing in security technologies and adopting cyber security policies. This covers the technology and the process aspect, but the third piece - people - is often overlooked.

The rise of phishing

Perhaps it's no surprise then that phishing has become the top delivery method of ransomware and other malware, as it relies on end users' lack of security awareness. Studies show that 85% of organisations have suffered phishing attacks and were estimated to cost British organisations over £280 million.

While staff awareness programs, training and internal resources are brilliant ways to invest in the 'people' aspect of your cyber security strategy - often the first step is to provide some basic security knowledge.

Phishing stats infographic

Source: Wombat Security



For IT departments, providing basic security dos and don'ts and tips for their end users is not high on the list of priorities, so we have created a basic End User Security Tips guide. This one-page gives a simple overview for end users around improved passwords, email security and phishing scam awareness; to help improve cyber security.

While time will still need to be invested in training and awareness programs, these can take a little while to organise and roll-out. By providing very simple tips such as this one-page guide, you can reduce the likelihood of your staff falling for phishing attacks - and avoid being one of the organisations that needs to pay out.

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