Ecommerce Part 2 of 3: User Experience

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Ecommerce has been around for over twenty years now (Amazon was founded in 1994 and eBay in 1995) and there is no denying that online spending has skyrocketed since it started.

In fact, nearly ¼ of all purchases made in the UK are made online - you can have a look at more statistics and figures in our infographic from our first blog post on Ecommerce here.

Today, consumers have regular internet access (or even 24/7 access via mobile) and figures show that they are willing to spend their money online, which gives great potential for ecommerce websites to thrive. However, with this evolution in online spending, consumer behaviour has also changed, making consumers more informed, empowered and well-researched. As well as changing the consumer, the ecommerce explosion means there are far more ecommerce websites, making competition fierce online – and if a consumer doesn’t get along with your website, then they can simply go elsewhere.

As consumers are now so proactive, decisive and (dare we say it?) impatient, the key to a good ecommerce site is a fantastic user experience. What this really means is that the moment the shopper arrives on your site they should find navigating around it simple, easy and enjoyable so they go straight through the process from browsing, researching and buying in a streamlined experience and are keen to return time and time again.

According to Forrester research however 97% of websites they tested failed at user experience. While some of these issues will be down to the company themselves, some will be simply due to poor website development which is completely avoidable and an unnecessary reason for you to lose customers mid-shop.

By maximising your user experience through logical and intelligent website design, issues that cause shoppers to abandon their baskets can be easily overcome to allow for an increase in sales and a happier shopper. We've had a look at these reasons and asked our website designers what they would do to tackle these issues to reduce the loss of sales:

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