Ecommerce Part 1 of 3: The Facts, Figures & Forecast

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Nearly 21% of all retail spend in the UK is now made online via ecommerce, so this presents a huge opportunity to retail businesses and those without ecommerce websites are missing out on valuable sales.

Last year in the UK alone, £91bn was spent online and this figure is going to keep on rising, according to IMRG, as 2014 looks to like it will be the year to break the £100bn marker for UK online spend.

Over the next week, we want to have a closer look into the value behind Ecommerce and the great potential available to businesses that are not yet selling online in the UK – did you know that the UK is the largest online spender per person worldwide?

Our infographic below shows the scale of online spending but that is not to say that simply having an ecommerce website will ensure sales come your way. Online spenders are just as impatient and picky as any of us are in-store but armed with a wealth of research information online and competition just a click away, meaning your Ecommerce website shouldn’t just exist – but it should stand out. We will be looking into the importance of User Experience in the next article, which is one of the biggest causes for loss of sales and the following article will go on to evaluate the boom in mobile shoppers and the consequences this has to any ecommerce website.

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