Dynamics CRM Releases and Roll-ups History

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We recently posted on the changes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM releases – moving away from irregular but large-scale updates to now follow a rapid release cycle. Because of this CRM software assurance is more and more vital to businesses that are looking to maintain their investment in their CRM system.

Over time, the CRM system that was deployed and developed to perfectly fit your business can become left behind with the fast changing technology. As releases happen, code can become incompatible, updates can be missed and workflows can stop working. By having CRM assurance, you are investing in the longevity of the system to ensure all everything is functioning as originally planned.

Finding out about past releases and rollups can be difficult but they truly show how frequent these happen. We’ve compiled a list of all the past updates since the launch of Dynamics CRM 2013 (Orion):

Microsoft Dynamics CRM releases and updates since Dynamics CRM 2013:

October 2013 - “Orion” – 6.0.0 - Major Update to 2013
December 2013 - Incremental Update – 6.0.0001
March 2014 - Incremental Update – 6.0.0002
July 2014 - Incremental Update – 6.0.0003
August 2014 –CRM 2013 Service Pack 1 – 6.1.0
September 2014 – Service Pack 1 Update 1 – 6.1.0001
February 2015 – Service Pack 1 Update 2 – 6.1.0002

Dec 2014 - 2015 Upgrade “Vega” – 7.0.0
April 2015 – 2015 Update 0.1 – 7.0.1
June 2015 - 2015 Update 1.0 “Carina” – 7.1.0– CRM 2015 Update 1

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