Dynamics CRM 2013 Vs Salesforce

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There have been a lot of comparisons between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce over the years – however with the latest version of Dynamics CRM 2013, Microsoft’s offering has a clear advantage thanks to the phenomenal amount of research, development and effort Microsoft have put in to their world class customer relationship management product.

Comparing CRM systems is very difficult as it depends on the number of users and how they wish to use the system, so for the sake of this like-for-like comparison we’re looking at the two versions with the closest price tag:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Professional License versus Salesforce Professional License
£42.40/ per user per month   £45/ per user per month


Dynamics CRM Professional is currently the highest level of license you can get through Microsoft, giving users access to all available features. Meanwhile, Salesforce Professional license is actually the middle option, where users can upgrade to Enterprise (£85/ per user per month) or Performance (at a massive £200/ per user per month).




Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Professional

Cloud Deployment Yes Yes
On-Premise Deployment Yes No
Hybrid Deployment Yes No
No. of 2014 releases 8 3
SLA (Service Level Agreements) 99.9% Uptime None
Mobile Working Yes £30/month
Offline Working Yes £15/month
Real-time Reporting Yes No (30-60 minute lag)
Storage 5GB 2GB
Cost of 1GB Extra Storage £100/year

Not Public: seen costs between £500 - £2,000/year

API Access Yes £180/year
BI Analytics Yes No
Custom Entities 300



  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Professional Salesforce
Account & Activity Management Yes  Yes
Campaigns Yes  Yes
Marketing Lists Yes No
Mass Emails Yes  Yes
Leads Yes  Yes
Field Service & Scheduling Yes No
Cases/ Issues Yes  Yes
Case Escalation Yes  Yes
Case Management  Yes No
Queues  Yes  Yes
Knowledge Base  Yes  Yes
Content Library  Yes No
Document Management  Yes  Yes
Notes & Attachments  Yes  Yes
Data Validation  Yes  Yes
Data Migration  Yes  Yes
Standard & Ad-hoc Reports  Yes  Yes
Product Catalgoue  Yes No
Territory Management  Yes No
Mass Quota Management  Yes No
Workflow Process  Yes No
Task Automation  Yes No
Seamless Microsoft  Excel Integration  Yes No
Seamless Microsoft Word Integration  Yes No
Web Services Integration  Yes No
Conversion to On-premise Available  Yes No
Single Sign-On  Yes No


You can clearly see that the Salesforce Professional license does not have anywhere near the functionality of the Dynamics CRM 2013 Professional license which is also more cost effective. We've decided to break down all the costs involved to get the exact same deal:

10 Users with Full Access to Marketing, Sales & Services management system, including mobile access, offline working and 5GB company storage

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Professional License

£42.40 per user per month

Salesforce Enterprise

£447.00 per user per month* (see end of article for calculations)

As we can see the Salesforce option is more than 10x the cost of Microsoft Dynamics 2013. Salesforce is known as one of the most expensive offerings in the CRM marketplace, and is especially known for having many hidden costs – AKA the “Salesforce Tax”. While organisations may start on the Salesforce Professional license (at the same price as Dynamics CRM Professional) most users have to upgrade to Enterprise (at double the monthly cost) to avoid the limited usability shown above. Potential Salesforce users must also be particularly wary of the extra costs involved in buying additional storage but 2GB of storage goes very quickly and many organisations are soon faced with the decision to delete/archive data or pay for extra storage.

While we can’t deny Salesforce has its benefits for the Sales team, as every CRM system does – it gives very little for Marketing and Service, and doesn’t give that full 360 degree view that is essential to a CRM system. Again, you can purchase additional marketing features for Salesforce (at around £3,000 per month) but soon the initial £45 per user per month cost increases to be a lot more, when all this is included already in Dynamics CRM Professional. Businesses are realising that implementing Dynamics CRM over Salesforce can massively reduce their overall and ongoing CRM costs and have a more feature rich system!

While we may be a little biased towards Dynamics CRM, it is not without reason: we deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM simply because we believe it is the better choice – both in terms of value for money and complete functionality. As well as deploying what we perceive as the best CRM system, we also have a team of CRM experts here who can customise the system to fit any requirements, which means our customers are always left happy with a product that gives them a powerful business tool and return on investment.

If you would like to arrange a Dynamics CRM demo from one of our CRM consultants please contact us or find out more information on our Dynamics CRM page.

* Salesforce calculations: £85/ per user per month for Enterprise Edition (full Sales functionality but little Marketing & Services). £45/ per user per month for Service Cloud. £300/ per user per month for Marketing Cloud (at £3k per month, divided between users). Plus, 1GB data storage and 2GB file storage at ~£17/ per user per month (bases on estimates from public information).

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