Chorus launches managed security service built on Microsoft 365

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Chorus, a UK-based managed service provider (MSP) specialising in Microsoft technologies, announces the launch of a new managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) built on Microsoft 365 to help companies in the United Kingdom stay ahead of the rapidly changing threat landscape.

With cyberattacks increasing in frequency and complexity—especially as a result of COVID-19 and the widespread adoption of remote working—organisations are working harder to protect themselves. While cybersecurity should always be a key business priority, many organisations lack the time, resources, or expertise to adequately protect themselves.

The need for outsourced security services is growing, and the new managed SOC service from Chorus gives UK organisations access to a team of cybersecurity experts with processes and technology to protect, detect, and respond to evolving threats using a zero trust framework.

"Previously this level of service was generally only available to enterprises with large IT budgets, but our managed security service enables organisations of all sizes to benefit from advanced security support without the associated cost and complexity." explained Lisa Curry, Marketing Manager at Chorus.

The service is built on Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure Sentinel. Microsoft 365 combines advanced AI and automation capabilities into a single integrated platform where it can monitor an organisation’s entire estate to rapidly identify threats and vulnerabilities. Via 24/7 security monitoring in the SOC service, threats are identified, investigated, and remediated by Chorus to reduce security risk and give organisations greater peace of mind that their staff, devices, and data are properly protected.

"By working with a managed security partner like Chorus, organisations can ensure that they benefit from the powerful security features of Microsoft 365 and adopt a zero-trust framework to protect themselves against modern threats," said Adam Hall, Director, Microsoft Security.


About Chorus

Chorus are a Microsoft Gold partner and Managed Service Provider based in Bristol. To find out more about our cyber security services please contact us

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