5 Lync Tips

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We’ve got 5 handy hints for using Lync so you can get the most out of Microsoft’s collaborative software that features instant-messaging, audio calls and video conferencing – all available with Office 365.

1. Be Unforgettable:

Impress your co-workers with how well you remember details as information flies by at a meeting. You can easily record voice, video, and web meetings, and then upload your audio notes to a Microsoft SharePoint site for later reference.

To do it: In the Conversation window or in a meeting, click the More Options button, and then click Start Recording. Lync automatically saves the recording. Click Manage Recordings to view and replay.

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2. Status Updates:

You need that answer right away, but your colleagues are busy. With Microsoft Lync, it’s easy to find out the instant they’re free. Tag them!

To do it: In the Lync main window, in your Contacts list, right-click a contact, and then click Tag for Status Change Alerts. You’ll be notified when the person’s status changes to "Available" so you can get in touch. And you can easily modify or remove your tag when it’s no longer needed.

3. Drag and Drop:

See how easy it is to use Lync for conference calls.

To do it: Drag a contact from your Lync client to add the person to a conference call or to transfer the contact to someone else. Unlike older communications platforms, there’s no need to memorize funky keypad commands.

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4. Background noise:

Got blaring horns or barking dogs in the background of your conference call? Silence the noise with one click.

To do it: As the call leader, you can see who is speaking and easily mute everyone else, or mute only the noisy offender.

5. Take meeting notes in OneNote

Quick and easy meeting notes?

To Do it: Once you’ve started your IM, audio call or video conference you can easily take meeting notes by clicking on the Presentation icon within the conversation, selecting the second tab called ‘OneNote’.

You have the option to either select ‘My Notes’ for your own, personal notes or ‘Shared Notes’ for real-time input from all participants. After selecting you will have to pick an existing page or create a new one. Notebooks can be in any location but for Shared Notes, make sure meeting attendees have access to notebook’s location (Skydrive, SharePoint, file share etc.) and the necessary permissions.

Once setup, OneNote will automatically update the notes page with:

  • List of attendees
  • Any files uploaded to the Lync Meeting
  • Links to any other notebooks shared within this meeting.
lync tip 5

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