The SharePoint Adoption Checklist

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SharePoint adoption has always been a big talking point for SharePoint implementations and lack of adoption has often been cited as the biggest barrier to SharePoint implementation success. Only 51% of organisations say that have achieved adoption rates of 75% or more, according to AIIM research.

The Checklist

We’ve created a SharePoint Adoption Checklist to help show some of the key steps involved in SharePoint adoption success through our years of experience in SharePoint implementations.

This checklist covers each stage of implementation from strategy through to supporting your live system. While it will have to be tailored to your specific organisation and SharePoint aims, it provides a great starting guide and includes useful adoption tips and ideas to drive adoption.

“You are nearly twice as likely to be successful when you get help from specialist consultants with the right strategy and SharePoint expertise” AIIM Research

The checklist covers each stage, including:

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Communication plan
  • Phased releases
  • Generate excitement
  • Training plan
  • Governance plan
  • Measure success
  • Support plan

Download the checklist

If you are adopting or planning to adopt Microsoft SharePoint, then download our SharePoint adoption checklist, which provides useful guidance on some of the key steps involved in implementation.


Grey notebook on desk with plant

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