Reinventing the workplace: the new office normal

Three women sitting on a desk with laptops

We are delighted that our Managing Director, Mark Taylor, will be joining Ghyston's panel of experts for this insightful discussion.

Reinventing the workplace: the new office normal

Wednesday 8th July at 8:30am 

Watch the recording here

This event is organised and hosted by Ghyston.

There is no question that COVID-19 has changed the way we work, but what will the long term impact be? In this session our panel of business leaders will discuss what happens next for office life and what are the implications for our workforce.

They will look at:

  • The lessons learnt from lockdown life
  • The role technology has played in remote working
  • What the future of remote working is and how it will be incorporated into daily working life

Our panel

  • Emily Hill – CEO, Ghyston
  • Bridget Pairaudeau – IT Director, IOP Publishing
  • Mark Taylor – Managing Director, Chorus
  • Sharon Alred - Co-Founder and Director, Signature Recruitment Bristol Ltd


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