Microsoft 365 Compliance capabilities overview

Microsoft 365 Compliance Webinar

Understand all the Microsoft 365 compliance solutions, what they do and our recommended compliance roadmap to enhance your data protection.

Webinar: Wednesday 18th May 11am-12pm

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The rise of remote working, mobility and increasing cloud service usage have transformed workplace productivity and brought a wealth of benefits – but this has also brought risks. With a disappearing perimeter, data can easily travel outside of your organisation or be stored in locations outside of your visibility and control (‘dark data’). To overcome this challenge, organisations need to adopt a new approach to compliance data protection so that organisational information is protected wherever it goes.

The rise in data being collected and stored by organisations is understandably raising privacy and security concerns. To ensure that data is being responsibly processed and protected, organisations are having to adhere to increasing and ever-changing regulatory requirements. Failure to comply can result in fines and loss of credibility and trust from your customers.

Microsoft 365 includes various products and services to help you assess compliance risks, govern and protect sensitive data, and effectively respond to regulatory requirements.

In this recording, we talk through all the Microsoft 365 compliance solutions to give you a clear view of what is included, what the solutions do and our recommended compliance roadmap and project phases to start benefitting from these features.

We cover:

  • Importance of compliance and data protection
  • Overview of M365 E5 Compliance features/solutions – what solutions are included and what do they do
  • Implementation best practices and phased roadmap approach – how to prioritise what to implement
  • Q&A

You can watch the on-demand recording below:


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