Managing Microsoft Teams: Governance and Security webinar

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Recently, organisations have had to rapidly adapt to the new standard of remote working and ensure the right technology is in place for staff to work as productively as possible. IT teams have had to suddenly implement tools, such as Microsoft Teams as part of Office 365 for business continuity so that staff can work from home with minimal impact to business.

Microsoft Teams brings many benefits, such as virtual meetings, document collaboration and team communications – but the speed at which companies are having to adopt it can bring significant IT challenges. Without sufficient time to assess, plan and implement – IT teams are having to quickly administer Teams without the right foundations and strategy in place.

This webinar reviews best practices for managing and governing Microsoft Teams to help companies scale their implementations. We share our experience and advice on key considerations and common issues that IT teams need to be aware of to ensure long-term success with Microsoft Teams.

What you’ll learn

  • Common issues and implications to be aware of with Teams
  • Best practices and guidance on managing Teams
  • Ways to ensure correct governance

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