Webinar: How to Secure Your Software Estate

How to Secure Your Software Estate

Cyber security is often neglected in respect of software. This can have significant consequences, with breaches leading to severe financial and reputational damages for organisations of all sizes.

Join this free webinar from Ghyston, who deliver high-quality bespoke software projects for ambitious companies, where they'll be speaking to experts from Chorus and Brightpearl about the ways in which organisations can mitigate security risks associated with both bought and built software.

About the webinar

Date: Wed 24 Nov

Time: 13.30 - 14.15

Mark Taylor - CTO/Founder of Chorus

Mark will be talking about IT and bought software, in particular authentication.

Chris Goff - Head of Information Security at Brightpearl

Chris will be talking about how to spot a secure supplier and how to build it into operations.

Ric Hill - Client Strategy Director/Founder of Ghyston

Ric will be talking about how to build secure bespoke software.


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