Building a modern intranet with SharePoint Online

Building a modern intranet with SharePoint Online webinar

Watch our recent webinar to learn about the capabilities of the modern SharePoint experience. We explore what's possible for your intranet and discuss the benefits of transitioning to modern sites in SharePoint Online.

Many organisations are already using Microsoft SharePoint, however over the years SharePoint has gained a bad reputation. Intranets built on SharePoint have been perceived as difficult to use, time-consuming to update and not keeping pace with the modern user experience that employees expect today. Today, a modern intranet needs to be intuitive, mobile-friendly and accessible from anywhere - whilst being simple to manage and easy for staff to quickly create and share content. In fact, there has never been a greater time or need for organisations to have a central employee hub so staff can easily access the information they need to work effectively and also unify, engage and connect staff from wherever they are working.

A few years ago, Microsoft overhauled SharePoint and created a new, modern SharePoint experience for SharePoint Online. This modern experience included the release of new, responsive site templates, an entirely new page architecture, new list and library experiences, apps for Android and iOS, and a broad set of new development frameworks and customisation capabilities that align far more closely with modern web development practices. This experience has continued to evolve, and the result is a modern intranet platform - included with Microsoft 365 licensing - that allows non-technical users to quickly create responsive sites and pages to easily and securely share content and range of media to employees.

This webinar looks at the capabilities of the modern SharePoint experience to inspire you of what is possible for your intranet and shows you the benefits of transitioning to modern sites in SharePoint Online. We also share our best practices and lessons learned from successfully implementing modern intranets for our clients.

The webinar covers:

  • What is the Modern SharePoint experience? - hub sites, home sites, communication sites, SharePoint Framework
  • What is possible out-of-the-box? - content editing, media, audience targeting, automation
  • Best practices for implementing a SharePoint Online intranet
  • Guidance on how to get started

About us

Chorus are Microsoft Gold partners that help organisations transform through Azure, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365. As early advocates of the modern SharePoint experience in SharePoint Online, we have delivered numerous intuitive and modern intranets using SharePoint and Microsoft 365. You can view some of our recent projects here:

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