Power BI

Transforming your complex data into simple, actionable visuals

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a suite of business intelligence and analytics tools that reports data insights in interactive real-time dashboards. There are a number of different versions available to choose from dependent on your needs and how you envision using Power BI as well as two different plans – Power BI (which is free!) and Power BI Pro for more complex requirements.


Why Power BI? 

Businesses acquire a lot of data but often this data can be spread across disparate systems and underutilised due to time-consuming reporting. Power BI lets you actually use your data by quickly turning complex data into rich visuals such as dashboards and charts, which then allows you to gain valuable insights into your data – and act upon it. 




Service Packs

While Power BI can be connected with many data sources, Microsoft have created a growing numbers of out-of-the-box service packs. These allow you to connect with cloud services within a few clicks and with no technical knowledge required, so anyone can get started. They are a fantastic way for non-technical users to start using Power BI and are one of the many ways that Power BI makes business intelligence accessible and easy-to-use.

Web, Desktop and Mobile

Power BI can be accessed through a web portal, via your desktop or even on your mobile devices. With iOS, Windows and Android apps you can use Power BI on any mobile device at any time while the web app also allows you to access your insights wherever you are so long as you have an internet connection.



Why Power BI?

  • Free or very low monthly cost
  • Ability to create reports quickly
  • Clear, progressive roadmap with rapid innovations
  • Familiarity and ease of use
  • Attractive visualisations
  • Prebuilt connectors with popular data sources (and growing)
  • API integration
  • Cortana Integration
  • Mobile ready with Windows, iOS and Android apps
  • Online resources widely available
  • Natural language Q&A (i.e. What were total sales this month)
  • Easily publish and share dashboards and insights
  • Real-time display
  • Continual investment into the platform

The Industry Leader for BI and Analytics

Microsoft Power BI is a well-established Business Intelligence and Analytics solution, which is why it has been named a ‘Leader’ in this field for 9 years in a row by Gartner research.

It has gained its reputation as a leader in this field due to:

  • Its progressive and continual development
  • Its complete BI vision 
  • Its ease of use
  • Its ability to execute

You can view the Quadrant and overview of the findings here.



Power BI Training

We can offer Power BI training to help organisations use Power BI effectively for reporting and data insights. 

Our Power BI training is flexible - we work with you to understand exactly what you're looking for to make sure that our training fulfils your requirements. We can come to your offices or provide training from our own training facility just outside Bristol.


If you're looking for Power BI training then please contact us.




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