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Marketing automation with seamless Dynamics 365 integration

Many marketing teams simply rely on the Dynamics CRM Marketing entity to carry out their marketing activities. However, for those companies that plan on pursuing email marketing actively, then it is extremely effective to integrate a dedicated marketing automation provider. Click Dimensions is a Microsoft-certified email marketing solution that is built within CRM for seamless integration for both on-premise and online versions. It is highly-regarded as one of the best marketing automation/ email marketing solutions currently on the market.


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Click Dimensions Partner Bristol UK


Email Marketing

Easily create beautiful email marketing messages and email templates using the simple and intuitive drag and drop without the need for any HTML knowledge. Or, if you prefer coding, then create your emails using the free style editor, block editor or custom HTML. 


Campaign Automation

Automate your marketing campaigns through the brilliant drag and drop automation builder, which automates time-consuming tasks to save valuable time and resources while ensuring their leads are nurtured to maximise sales conversions. 

You can chose different actions depending on how leads interact with your content and ensure only the warmest leads are passed onto Sales. 

ClickDimensions Campaign Automation Builder


What does ClickDimensions include?

  • Email Marketing

    Advanced email creation with simple drag-and-drop or full HTML builder. It also includes: A/B testing, image editing, subscription lists, social sharing, inbox preview, automatic data cleansing and email tracking to produce detailed analytics and reports. 

  • Nurture marketing

    Using simple drag-and-drop, create a nurture campaign which automatically runs against leads and notifies sales teams of the progress.

  • Web forms

    Easily create forms using drag-and-drop that go on your website to identify visitors and automatically create an associated lead record. 

  • Surveys

    Quickly create surveys that can be emailed to leads, contacts and accounts and even integrated with case records. 

  • Web Intelligence

    Website tracking of anonymous and identified leads to show what pages they have viewed and their website activity.  

  • Lead Scoring

    Create your own scoring to automatically update leads and easily determine who sales should pursue. 

  • Event Management

    Eventbrite and WebEx integration to bring event information automatically into CRM and to track all activity.

  • Landing Pages

    Easily create and host landing web pages without any HTML knowledge and then track all visits to pages. 

  • SMS (Text) messaging

    Send bulk text messages through Dynamics CRM and workflows. 

Dynamics CRM Marketing Bristol

Email Marketing and Marketing Automation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM empowers marketers to generate and qualify high quality leads while providing sales the ability to prioritise the best leads and opportunities. Providing Email Marketing, Web Tracking, Lead Scoring, Social Discovery, Form Capture, Surveys, Landing Pages, Nurture Marketing, Subscription Management, Campaign Tracking and more, ClickDimensions allows organisations to discover who is interested in their products, quantify their level of interest and take the appropriate actions.

Business Benefits

  • Clearer visibility of marketing performance
  • Visual reporting for real-time analytics
  • Intuitive and simple to use
  • Wealth of free online resources including training and videos
  • Sales teams are better prepared to close deals
  • Tie sales and marketing together with complete visibility
  • Seamless integration within Dynamics CRM
  • Automate and streamline marketing activities
  • Free up internal resources

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