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Stage Two: branding, developing, testing and migrating your system for a successful go-live

Deployment isn’t simply pressing a ‘launch’ button. We make sure all of our solutions have been developed and tested fully before implementing them, so that go-live is well-planned and well-executed. 

The Delivery Plan:

  • Creative

    Whether it’s a website, a CRM system or a SharePoint intranet, we believe that creative technology is vital. By combining great design with streamlined user experience, users find the technology easier to use, more enjoyable and as a consequence this increases user adoption. This doesn’t just involve website design – we also specialise in SharePoint branding or can change the look of CRM to suit your business activities. 

  • Develop

    We will develop your system using as many out-of-the-box capabilities as possible however, when this isn’t enough, we can customise any system using custom development coding. Through custom development we can allow systems to integrate, automate and innovate – making sure we look at the big picture. 

  • Testing

    The value of comprehensive, well-executed testing cannot be over-emphasised. Test planning is conducted in the Preparation phase, ensuring time is built into the project for testing software and systems. Our in-house testers evaluate the system but we also advise our clients to test the new system in a demo environment that we create.

  • Migration

    If you are moving away from a legacy system, you want to ensure that your data can be migrated into your new system. This can be a time-consuming task to fulfil in-house and can be done quickly to cut corners. Our experts can help with CRM migration and SharePoint migration, and can even cleanse the data during the process, so you start your new system with only the most relevant and correct data. 

  • Implement

    Once everyone is happy with the solution and it has been developed and tested, the next stage is getting the solution implemented within your organisation. We can do this by being on-site or off-site and will liaise with you to ensure it’s carried out at a suitable time, ensuring minimal impact on your users. 

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Some of our clients:

  • Lifetime
  • Ovo Energy
  • Aqualogy
  • Ian Williams

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Our Approach

A look at our flexible agile project methodology.


Stage One: Fully understanding your business, situation, requirements and goals.

Software Development Testing Bristol

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