Windows 10: The best shortcuts

Quickly navigate Windows 10 with these shortcuts

By Fiona Bond


With the recent release of Windows 10, excitement around the handy shortcuts that make our lives easier has been a common talking point in Chorus HQ. We have sourced what we think are the top ten key (pun intended) shortcuts into a handy list for you; or the full list can be downloaded to print out here.


Some of the below may be old favourites, some may be new and unique – Happy shortcutting!


Note: WIN key is the Windows key.


WIN Key + ←↓→↑ 

Snapping – Snap active windows into side by side, two by two, or one by two layouts to aid you in multitasking.



WIN Key + Tab

Opens the task view interface and you can release the keys to use the mouse to browse open windows or open a new virtual desktop.



WIN Key + Ctrl + D
Create a new virtual desktop and switch to it



WIN Key + Ctrl + F4
Close the current virtual desktop


WIN Key+Ctrl+←↓→↑
Switch to the virtual desktop on the left or right


WIN Key + C

Activates Cortana for using Cortana with a keyboard


WIN Key + S
Activates Cortana to search the web and Windows with speech



WIN Key + H

Activates Share to share content



WIN Key + E

Activates Windows Explorer for file exploration


Alt + F4
Close your current window. In Edge, options for closing all open tabs


WIN Key + D
Shows Windows desktop


WIN Key + R
Run a Program 



What next?

Download our Windows 10 shortcut sheet - you can pin it on your desk! 
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Or, if you want to speak to an expert about upgrading, contact us today.