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Our new accreditations

Announcing our new Microsoft competencies..

By Lisa Curry


Chorus is proud to announce its new accolades! Over the last couple of weeks Chorus has received new Microsoft competencies and accreditations, namely:

Gold Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Cloud Deployment Partner
Silver Collaboration and Content Partner

We’ve been providing advice and implementing solutions in both the hybrid cloud and business productivity IT areas for some time now, and we believe these certifications cement our commitment to cutting edge technologies.

These qualifications aren’t a walk in the park, the exam and certification requirements ensure that the Microsoft Partner competencies are earned by those companies that can really add value to their customers. And adding value to our customers is exactly what Chorus aims to do, we want to provide the IT solutions your company needs to succeed and we feel that the these competencies will help us do exactly that.

Gold Customer Relationship Management

This competency acknowledges our dedication to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and allows us to demonstrate 'best-in-class' capabilities that not many companies can show. Our CRM experts undergo a number of exams and certifications, ensuring they have the best knowledge on the Dynamics CRM system, which is why we offer Consultancy services to our clients. Our particular area of expertise is is involved in CRM Development, where we can fully customise the system to fit any particular business requirements as well as ensuring the system is fully integrated with any existing solutions.

Cloud Deployment Partner

We've upgraded to the Cloud Deployment Partner competency, this ensures that you’re in good hands when it comes to executing against your cloud strategy. Not only are we committed to using the latest technology we’re committed to getting its use right for you, our customers. Our history of taking enterprise grade IT technology and using this to empower smaller and mid-sized businesses lends itself perfectly to the use of cloud technology, but our commitment to helping those smaller businesses wouldn’t be complete without being fully versed and accredited to deploy the solutions to their full potential.

Our expertise in providing cloud solutions from Office 365 deployments to Azure server hosting via cloud CRM use is backed up by this competency and our work with clients. With the rise of Bring Your Own Device IT challenges it also incorporates the Windows Intune solution.

Silver Collaboration and Content Partner

This competency focuses on the area of Business Productivity, with the key related products being Microsoft SharePoint online and Microsoft SharePoint Server. Our technical expertise in setting these solutions up for you and customizing the interface so it’s bespoke to your business can make a real difference to the impact these different tools have on your business. For more information on the benefits of SharePoint when properly utilised and how Chorus can help your business with these solutions please visit our Intranet solution page.

What does this mean to you, our customers?

In the Business Productivity space our Silver Collaboration and Content competency rubber stamps our position to be able to offer you guidance, consultancy and results based on your business needs. In fact part of becoming certified is providing customer evidence that you’ve successfully provided solutions with related technology.

These certifications (along with our other Gold competencies) showcase our proven capabilities, commitment to our products, skills and staff and mean that you can rest assured that with our services your IT needs will be better met allowing your business to concentrate on its core focus. It’s not just about passing sales and marketing qualifications to further Microsoft’s business but having trained and experienced technical staff who can assess, consult and execute against the best solution for each unique IT need. This is key to the way Chorus operates and what we can do for you.

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