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NatWest choose Dynamics CRM

NatWest is one of the recent companies to choose Dynamics CRM over competing CRM providers, such as Salesforce

By Lisa Curry


After deciding that their existing technology was no longer able to provide the depth of detail needed for its customers, NatWest decided it was time to deploy a customer relationship management (CRM) system more suitable to its requirements. Initially, Salesforce and Oracle were also invited to tender but it was Microsoft Dynamics CRM that was chosen as the ideal solution and we’re going to look into a little more detail for the reasons behind this.

One of the key needs for NatWest was a ‘system that would be embraced by the employees’, which is often key for a CRM system as you want to ensure that all users will easily (and happily) adopt it. The higher the user adoption, the more effective the CRM solution as it ensures that every detail is being recorded by staff to later be used for positive, insightful and powerful results.

Nearly all businesses have at least some if not constant interaction with Microsoft products with Dynamics CRM having that same distinctive look and feel, making the system more intuitive to use and quicker to adopt with less training and personnel expenditure. It further benefits from simple integration with existing products, such as Outlook (so all emails are easily captured) and Excel (i.e. downloading marketing lists) as well as non-Microsoft based solutions.

We knew we didn’t want a system that our users viewed as yet another software program they had to learn and use; rather, we wanted them to regard the CRM system as a part of a solution they already had. David Russell, Head of CRM for Business & Commercial Banking

The real deal-sealer for NatWest however, was the variety of deployment options offered with Dynamics: while Salesforce only has the option of cloud-deployment, the Microsoft Dynamics offering can be deployed as a cloud-based and on-premise solution (as well as a hybrid of the two). This deployment flexibility allowed NatWest to pick whichever deployment method best suited their needs. While there are a large number of benefits involved in taking advantage of cloud-based technology, it does not always suit every company, such as NatWest who chose the on-premise deployment, and it’s important for companies to have this flexibility.

If you want to look at the differences between Salesforce and Dynamics CRM, we’ve done a like-for-like comparison here.


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